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CrossWord Church – Bloomington, MN

CrossWord Church
Bloomington, MN

Mailing Address
15215 18th Avenue North, #108,
Plymouth, MN 55447


Vernon & Michelle Phillip

Eagle Christian Worship Center International – Minneapolis, MN

Eagle Christian Worship Center International
10 West 57th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419


Sileshi Tesfaye and Abonesh Gebremariam

Gospel of Mercy Church – Sioux Falls, SD

Gospel of Mercy Church
2100 Ralph Rogers Road
Sioux Falls, SD 57108


Samuel Getachew


We are open and friendly believers whose lives are being transformed by Jesus Christ. Our passion is to: love God completely, worship Him authentically, and love others the way he loved us.


Our mission is to glorify God by winning lost souls, making disciples, edifying each other and sending missionaries.


Iglesia Esperanza – Apple Valley, MN

Iglesia Esperanza
Meeting at Hope Church
7477 145th Street West
Apple Valley, MN 55124


Pastor Alfonso Hernandez


Our vision is to help each member become an effective instrument in the hands of Christ, empowering each member to be faithful workers, promoting a healthy church, supporting others ministries in our community and beyond and fulfill the Great Commission.


We are a Church in Apple Valley, Minnesota, which has been created with the purpose of reaching the Hispanic community in South Minneapolis to bring the gospel message to them, so that they will know it, learn it, practice it and expand it to others.

Each member of this Church will be fully committed to growing deep into the gospel to be a good servant of Christ.

Life Church – Rochester, MN

Life Church
P. O. Box 8232
Rochester, MN 55903


Pastor Doug & Kristi Ebertowski

Real lives... lived for God.

Faith should make sense in real life. At Life Church, we strive to help faith in God be practical and real. And, although faith in God transforms our lives, God has created us with unique personalities.

We believe it’s OK for you to be you, as God grows and works in you.

We at Life endeavor to create an atmosphere where people can explore God while leaving the facades at the door. We also have great value on seeing God’s power and presence meet us in a healthy safe environment.

We believe it’s important for those searching for spiritual significance to be able to find purpose, belonging, healing and identity in Jesus Christ and His family.

There are few things that impact us like the sense of God’s presence, clear communication of God’s Word and healthy, real relationships. Come and join us as we journey to that goal!

LifeTree – Buffalo, MN

LifeTree Church
P. O. Box 737
Buffalo, MN 55313

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Pastor Tom and Becky Murel

Life is messy... Jesus came to give us hope and REAL LIFE!

We are a group of people who Jesus has saved and sent out to be missionaries. We are sent with a message of reconciliation and the goal of reconciling people to God and to each other. Christianity is about looking forward to an eternal destiny spent with God, which transforms how we look at life on earth. Because we have this eternal hope found only in Jesus, we can endure through the tough times, face our inner struggles, and help each other practically, emotionally, and spiritually.


We praise God together as a group on Sunday mornings.

We serve people living in Buffalo throughout the week as individuals & in teams. Jesus has called us to serve others showing the same love which Jesus showed to us.

We meet together in very small groups to share our lives (both victories & struggles) in an effort to help each other be the kind of people God designed us to be.

We will eventually send out groups of people into other communities to start new churches and provide missionaries throughout the world.

Click the following links to watch video one and video two.

New Life Church – Aitkin, MN

New Life Church
112 1st Avenue SW
Aitkin, MN 56431

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7
Aitkin, MN 56431


Larry and Nancy Burg

RiverLife Church – St. Paul, MN

RiverLife Church of The C&MA
520 South Creek Drive North
Champlin, MN 55316


Greg and Pang Foua Yang Rhodes

The Bridge – Watertown, SD

The Bridge
Mellette Elementary School
619 2nd Street NW
Watertown, SD 57201


Nate & Megan Yoder

We are on mission to Bridge divides by building relationships, praying earnestly, and sharing grace and truth so that people can meet Jesus!

CORE VALUES – We believe every church works hard to value all aspects of faith. But we also realize the need for specific focus in our area of ministry. Here’s what we hold especially dear at The Bridge:

Share – The Bible is trustworthy!

The search for meaning and real truth is tough. There is a lot of misinformation and half-truths out there today. We’re tired of being deceived by these things. We believe God’s Word through the Bible is the one place we can always find absolute truth. The Bible is God’s love story to us.

The Bible tells us what God’s best for us is, but it wasn’t intended solely to be a rulebook that we, as imperfect people, must strive to live by in hopes to appease Him and get to go to Heaven. Instead, His free offer of Grace, through the death of His Son Jesus is the design by which we can see Him there someday. So as God works to clean all the garbage out of our own lives, we want to share the truth of His Word with the same grace He has given to us. Joshua 1:8

Pray – It’s how God’s work gets done!

Talking with God everyday about what’s going on in our lives is essential for a real relationship with Him. We realize that we need God’s help for handling all that life throws at us and prayer is our connection to Him in the good times and the bad.
God answers every prayer that is offered to Him. As we talk with Him about situations, feelings, frustrations, hurts, and joys, we trust Him to do what’s best for our lives and the lives of those we care deeply about. Phillipians 4:6-7

Act – Faith is about more than ourselves!

As followers of Jesus, it is our job to share His love with everyone. Jesus Christ is the author of Salvation. We believe that our faith is about more than just ourselves. A full faith requires we reach out to those around us who don’t know Jesus. Freedom can be found nowhere else so we want to introduce others to Jesus honestly and often! From our neighbors, to our friends and coworkers, to the ends of the earth, we want to share Jesus with the world! Matthew 28:19

Relate – We’re in this together!

We realize that we’re nowhere near perfect…and neither are you. That sounds harsh, but it’s true. Nobody has it all together, nobody! There is joy and pain in each of our lives. God doesn’t love one person more than another simply because they’ve known Him longer and we shouldn’t either. We need to stick together through thick and thin as we share our lives together. We want to be a place where life can be shared together. Genesis 11:6


The Branded Cowboy Church – Bovey, MN

The Branded Cowboy Church
1307 County Road 440
Bovey, MN 55709


Todd and Ann Block

The Central Mission Fellowship – St. Paul, MN

The Central Mission Fellowship
1632 Charles Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104


Ike Kingson


Reaching Every Nation by Reaching Every Neighbor with the Gospel.


We are a church that believes the Central Mission is the Great

Commission – To make disciples. We do this by encouraging one-on-one discipleship relationships, through meeting in house churches and by having weekly gatherings where our house churches come together.

There are five house churches as part of our fellowship.

Tokkummaa warra Hoolaa fi Leencaa – Minneapolis, MN

Tokkummaa warra Hoolaa fi Leencaa (Lamb & Lion Fellowship)
2801 East 22nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406


Pastor Amenti & Hundetu Theophilos

We are an Oromo-speaking church located in Minneapolis, MN. We are passionately committed to personal growth in every area of life. We teach our members the principles of the Kingdom of God so that they learn to function under the authority of the Kingdom in every dimension of life.


So that all saints will reign in life by tapping into the ever available life of Jesus Christ our Lord. Through the proper blending of God’s Word with spirit-filled life, the goal of our church is to visibly model God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Prayer Ministries

• School of Prayer
• Watchman On The Wall
• Warfare Prayer

Turtle Mountain Indian Church – Dunseith, ND

Turtle Mountain Indian Church
9852 Highway 281, P.O. Box 397
Dunseith, ND 58329


Pastor Gary & Jean Dorn

Gary and Jean began their involvement in the Native American work as missionaries leading short-term missions teams to the Turtle Mountain reservation. After pursuing God’s call to more full-time involvement, they relocated from Appleton, WI to Dunseith, ND, and now reside permanently there serving as Senior pastor of the Turtle Mountain Alliance Indian Church. Gary also serves on the Native American Association Executive Committee.

Zion Ethiopian Fellowship – St. Paul, MN

Zion Ethiopian Fellowship
1542 Lois Drive
Shoreview, MN 55126


Taye Yami and Lekyelesh Worku